Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring Review

So the time has come to install new tires on your basic usage car or family minivan. There are obviously lots of options in the market. But this is not an ultra high performance car, so a tire with a smooth blend of reasonable tread life, good traction and traction and a quiet ride will
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Michelin LATITUDE TOUR HP Full - 660x550

Michelin Latitude tour HP Review

Here’s one for ya… What do the brands Porsche, Lexus, Infiniti and BMW have in common? Yes, yes, they are all big players in the field of luxury, that’s an easy one. It’s that many vehicles from these brands come with the Michelin Latitude Tour HP as original equipment. You will agree with me that
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Kumho SOLUS TA71 Full - 660x550

Kumho SOLUS TA71 Review

All season tires are probably the most popular type of tire there is. Perhaps it is because they are designed to handle most conditions, including dry and wet pavement and light to moderate snow. In my search for the perfect all season tire, I came across the Solus TA71. It is with much anticipation that
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Pirelli P ZERO ALL SEASON PLUS Full - 660x550

Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Review

According to former champion driver and CEO of Dream Racing Enrico Bertaggia, racing is not always about the car. More than anything else, the performance of a car is greatly affected by the tires it has got on. You are probably wondering where I am going with this race-ist agenda, right? Well, Pirelli Tire North
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Pirelli SCORPION VERDE ALL SEASON Full - 660x550

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Review

The Scorpion Verde All Season is Pirelli’s eco-friendly Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire for the drivers of sport utility and crossover vehicles. The Verde All Season has Pirelli’s Ecoimpact icons on its sidewall to highlight their commitment to increase your vehicle’s fuel economy and lowering C02 emissions by reducing rolling resistance by reducing rolling resistance and
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Bridgestone TURANZA Serenity Plus Full - 660x550

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Review

Developed for the drivers of all types of coupes, sedans, minivans and crossover vehicles, the Turanza Serenity Plus is Bridgestone’s Grand Touring All-Season tire . The Serenity Plus offers a long lasting tread life, great snow traction, low rolling resistance and impeccable traction and control on dry and wet surfaces. Dry Performance One dry pavement,
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Michelin PRIMACY MXV4 Full - 660x550

Michelin Primacy MXV4 Review

Do you drive a coupe, sedan, minivan or crossover vehicle? Are you looking for a tire that can provide comfort, traction for all four seasons and a long lasting tread life? Well then take a look at the Primacy MXV4, Michelin’s entry into the touring all season category of tires. It’s a solid combination of
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Goodyear ASSURANCE FUEL MAX Full - 660x550

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Review

Are you looking for a tire that’s reasonably priced and offers long wear, solid traction in dry and wet conditions, and an increase in fuel efficiency for your vehicle? Designed for the drivers of coupes, vans and crossover vehicles, the Assurance Fuel Max is Goodyear’s mid-tier Passenger all season tire. The Assurance Fuel Max aims
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Bridgestone POTENZA RE97AS Full - 660x550

Bridgestone Potenza RE97AS Review

Are you shopping for tires? Do you drive a luxury coupe, touring sedan or sporty crossover vehicle? Well then you must take a look at Bridgestone’s grand touring all season tire, the Potenza RE97AS. The Potenzas primary focus is sport and performance. It balances all season traction with powerful handling, precise cornering and short braking
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